Following the global pandemic which affects all types of business, the staff of Cali Exotic Weed uses maximum precautions to prepare your order using hydro alcoholic gel, gloves, mask.


Weekend Order Policy

We give our employees the weekends off. If you order late on a Friday or Saturday. We will start shipping orders again this Monday-Friday. so please plan your orders accordingly.

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Payments Accepted

Bitcoin, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer, CashApp, Zelle, Venmo

Our Products

CaliExoticWeed offers a variety of what are almost impossible to find highly medicinal products including vapes and cartridges, edible, Pre Rolls, Concentrates, Prepacked weed and many more. All of these products are all AUTHENTIC from manufacturers and LICENSED FARMS, many of our patients swear by the results.

Goal and Vision

CaliExoticWeed began after finding inspiration in the work of Rick SImpson. His relentless efforts to bring the medicinal value of the oil to the public attention are what has made all of this possible. In many of Rick Simpson’s texts/videos he stresses to make the oil yourself to be sure of quality control and we agree we with this! Our vision is that one day everybody will be able to grow their own medicine, but until then we would like to offer as much assistance to those in need as we possibly can.

Quality Control

All products displayed on our website are from LICENSED growers or farms who have many years of experience flowering, harvesting and curing medical cannabis as well as extracting and producing all the other cannabis exotic products.

The buds we sell are grown by experienced farms or growers. If you don’t know about the product you are ordering it will be a good idea to find an experienced cannabis user,  order a small quantity of bud or oil and ask them for a potency/effects review before you buy more or do contact us for more details and use of any products purchased from us.


Here at CaliExoticWeed we are professional when it comes to packaging products and ensuring they safely arrive to your doorstep. Bud and oil orders are professionally vacuum sealed and include mylar protection meaning our packaging is even canine proof! Unavoidably the buds can be squashed slightly when packaging although we do our best to keep this to a minimum.



We have a 99%+ delivery record till now. All orders are shipped within 48 hours and are sent by normal priority airmail. Please be aware that Cannabis buds might be shipped separately from all other products. This means if you order buds and a different product (e.g. 7g buds and a Carts) then you might be receive two different packages.

Refunds and Returns

We accept responsibility for getting your package to your address. Once tracking shows it’s delivered, we’ve done our job. We can’t be responsible for what happens to your package after it’s delivered. We have no control over your drop location. Do roommates/neighbors/family members have access to your packages? Does anyone know what you’re ordering in the mail? We can’t accept responsibility for those risks. If you aren’t sure about the security of your drop location, consider getting a PO box. We think this is only fair. When you order from our store, you are agreeing to these terms.

Any packages that get sent where we mis-typed the information you provided will be reshipped 100% value

100% reship if seized

Full reship if we are at fault

We will act accordingly and properly upon the situation that occurs.

Other issues we will act fairly based on the situation

Full refunds and reship if hat you order is not what you get.

Shipping Information on orders that has been provided wrong by the buyer will be un-refundable

Any packages undeliverable because of fake address or any other reason will be deemed un-refundable


The item you order will be the item you will be receiving.

If your order is cancelled it will be due to not having enough stock.

If you wish to change or cancel your order do let us know within 24Hrs. After this time order cannot be changed as we must have shipped order already.

Feedback and Reviews

It puts a smile on our face reading your positive comments and reviews so please keep sharing your experiences.
This helps other customers make their purchasing decisions more easily and will serve to further build trust in CaliExoticWeed as well as potentially become one of the largest compilation of Exotic California Weed & Products available on the Internet.