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710 labs live rosin

Top of the line, hyper limited exclusive product. Although the picture shows water hash, this listing is for any of their product lines. You may request specific general product (rosin, hash, etc.) but not the specific strain.

710 labs live rosin. Available by the single gram. Pre-orders ONLY. Sourcing may take as much as 2 business days and will ship as soon as they are available.

You may request specific general product (rosin, hash, etc.) but not the specific strain. You do NOT get to choose the strain due to limited availability. We will do our best to keep up and try to inform you of the strain you will get, but due to our usual customer volume, that is not always realistic. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Extremely limited. Inventory will come and go as they are available.

Buy 710 labs live rosin

If you’re here looking at this listing, then you should already know what you’re looking for.

I know it’s expensive. I know that it’s more expensive than direct from dispensary. However, we have limited access because we are on the VIP list. These guys do NOT backdoor except to family. Not even to friends, only their blood relatives.

The price is the price because, although we get a wholesale discount, California tax adds a significant portion. Out the door here, you would be paying about $100/g after taxes in most cases. Sometimes lower sometimes higher, but it’s around $100/g after taxes without a wholesale discount.

The price is also high due to the extremely limited availability. You know the brand, you know they’re hard as fuck to get, this is your opportunity to have access.

710 labs live rosin strains

Finally, keep in mind that there are loads of fees we have to cover on top of the take home value.

Please do NOT judge me on the price, as that is not a reflection of my performance. We make a flat fee on top, so we are not charging anything unreasonable.

For this specific item, we do not accept quality or product complaints. We have literally 0 control over that, and having concerns can lead to the end of this offering, which sucks for both you and everyone else.


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