1g Cali Naturals Carts FULL GRAM x6



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1g of potent cannabis oil distillate processed from cali organically grown flowers. Solvent free and only all natural terpenes.

These carts are fire guys or we wouldn’t carry them.

We allow you to choose your flavor but please give an alternate incase we run out. If you don’t have a preference not a worry, we’ll choose for ya. Buy Cali Naturals Carts


Thin Mint
Gorilla Glue
Pineapple Express
Wifi OG
Wedding Cake


OG Kush
Blackwater OG
Grape Ape


Sour Diesel
Super Lemon Haze
Super Jack
Jack Herer

Cali Naturals Vape Cartridges

What to expect with Cali Exotic Weed:

-Products ALWAYS exact same as the pictures!
-Will go out same or next day EVERYTIME! We work around the clock to NEVER be backed up or waste time.
Cali Exotic Weed you get the best quality at the BEST prices!
-Response times as low as 1 hour! Don’t hesitate to ask that question b4 ordering Buy Cali Naturals Carts!
-Professional stealth and packaging to ensure your product stays safe and fresh!
-MENU/FLAVOR updates WEEKLY! To ensure you or your customers never get sick of a strain 🙂

Please leave feedback as that will help us grow and continue to excel for all our customers!


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