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Buy glo carts online this is an excellent company that makes an excellent cartridge, super high quality oil, independently checked by the likes of and an overall excellent product

Buy Glo Extracts Online

Glo Extracts Flavors are done as follows, there are color coded packs and each pack comes with 10 different flavors, pick which sticker color you want and boom thats what ya getting hombre. Orders will only be in increments of 10x so we don’t break up these packs. Each pack is QR Coded. Each Carton of 10 packs is QR Coded. Buy glo carts online

Glo Extracts For Sale

Glo Carts (box colors signify what comes in that 10 cart pack)

Apparently we have some other colors/flavors like wafers.

Purple punch
mazar kush
white cokies
lemon chello
sundae driver
lem chem
ceral milk
banana punch

Master Kush- indica
Gusher – indica
Ayahuasca purple- indica
Merlot og- indica
sunset sherbet- hybrid
dank sinatra- hybrid
cali gold- hybrid
strawberry cough- sativa
jamaican dream- sativa
blucifier- sativa

platinum og – indica
do si dos- indica
yumboldt- indica
endless sky – indica
wedding cake- hybrid
blue dream- hybrid
la sunshine – hybrid
sour diesel – sativa
alaskan thunder fuck- sativa
lodi dodi- sativa

blue diamond- indica
god gift- indica
LA ultra- indica
kushadelic- indica
gelato- hybrid
dopium- hybrid
space candy- hybrid
grape lemonade- sativa
buddha haze- sativa
lamb bread- sativa

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Can you buy glo carts online ?
What to expect with Cali Exotic Weed:

-Products ALWAYS exact same as the pictures! Buy glo carts online
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-Response times as low as 1 hour! Don’t hesitate to ask that question b4 ordering!
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