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Italian Ice strain is an exotic weed strain originally found by Cali Connection. It is a weed strain that came into existence by crossing the delicious Forbidden Fruit (Cherry Pie x Tangie) paired with that of the mouth-watering Gelato 45 (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC)

This plant tends to develop a strong main cola although it can become very bushy with sideways growth too. Delicious fruity scents are produced during flowering.

Buy Italian Ice strain

For her outstanding aroma and taste, Italian Ice blends a lot of flavors into a complex and highly enjoyable smoke. The sweet taste of blueberry meets oriental hash tones on a musky and citrusy backdrop. The excellent terpene profile of the strain makes her perfectly suited for extract and concentrate creation.

Italian Ice Marijuana Strain

The effect of Buy Italian Ice weed is incredibly relaxing, but not without just the right touch of uplifting and creative happiness. This makes the girl a well-rounded smoke for any occasion, perfect for chilling alone or sharing with friends.

Where can i buy Italian Ice strain online?

If you like good cannabis, rest assured Buy Italian Ice Weed from Cali Exotic Weed delivers the whole package and then some.

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