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Buy Jelly Breath Weed Strains. The dense buds of Jelly Breath are typically covered in a sugary-coat of jelly, kush, and cookie flavored terpenes.

Lineage:  Mendo Breath and Do-Si-Dos strains, with a whopping 30-33% average THC level.

Taste Smell:Fruity/Sweet

Effects: Calm/Happy/Tingly

Pairs Well With: Relaxing/Sleeping/Netflix

Nose: 10/10

Buy Jelly Breath Cannabis Strain

JELLY BREATH is a rare and exotic sativa-dominant hybrid created through crossing Mendo Breath and Do-Si-Do strains.  If you’re a fan of the delicious sweet citrus flavor, look no further! The aromas alone will have you salivating.  Our Jelly Breath is potent and a tasty, sweet smoke that coats the mouth. Very smooth on the exhale.

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