JETPACKS cannabis infused PRE-ROLL VORTEX 0.5G SATIVA x20



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Vortex is a cross of Apollo 13 and Space Queen created by legendary breeder Subcool.

Make sure you’re strapped in tight for blast off with this pre-roll. Enhanced with Kief, the sticky crystals that give Jetpacks that extra hit of THC. With a smooth and even burn, this jetpacks vortex pre roll promises lift off from anywhere, always making you feel sky high. Buy Jetpacks Pre Roll

What to expect with Cali Exotic Weed jetpacks vortex pre roll:

-Products ALWAYS exact same as the pictures!
-Will go out same or next day EVERYTIME! We work around the clock to NEVER be backed up or waste time.
-At Cali Exotic Weed you get the best quality at the BEST prices!
-Response times as low as 1 hour! Don’t hesitate to ask that question b4 ordering!
-Professional stealth and packaging to ensure your product stays safe and fresh!


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