50 x 1G Cart – 1000mg – MIX N MATCH BRANDS – 12 selections



Mix N Match Vape Carts


PRODUCT : The brand you choose
TYPE : Vape Cartridge
PURITY : 90 to 95% THC

Please request multiple brands to counter an event where we don’t have the brand you request!

Mix N Match Vape Carts

-Friendly Farms
-Lions Breath
-Raw Garden
-West Coast Cure
-Big Chief
-Smart Cart

Mix N Match Carts

During the checkout process, please note your preferred Flavors/Strains.
We will do our best to fulfill your order with your request.
Depending on package availability or other issues, we may not be able to fulfill your request exactly.
In this event, we will do our best to provide a wide variety of flavors/strains in its place.

Note : The flavors listed are all available packaging flavors that we can acquire. It does not mean that we have all in stock, so we will do our best to fulfill your flavor requirements. If a flavor requirement is not available, we will error on the side of Variety for the remaining number of carts. Please list in your order notes that you require an exact mix of flavors, or you want your order cancelled, otherwise we will ship available product instead. Mix N Match Carts

Our shipping team works Monday – Saturday, all orders placed before 11am PST are shipped SAME day.


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