Mr. Whiskers 1Grams x5



Buy Mr Whiskers Carts

Buy Mr Whiskers Carts. New smaller eco friendly packaging
will update picture when i can

Mr Whisker is a small start up, not all flavors are available at all time, if a flavor(s) is not on our menu, most likely we are out till next harvest, so stock up if you like a particular flavor(s)

Buy Mr Whiskers Carts

Mr. Whiskers latest flavors 08-2020

White Recluse **
Blackberry Kush
Bubble Gum Kush
Berry Lemon Haze

Sunset Sherbet
Dog Walker OG
Lemon Skunk

Strawberry Cough
Green Crack
Alaskan Thurder Fuck
Durban Poison

** best seller

PROVIDING the highest-quality cannabis products, and being a positive influence on the lives of everyone we service through our emphasis on all-natural, eco-friendly, premium reusable products and bio-degradable packaging.

** we open and inspect every cartridge we sell before shipping to prevent legit and non legit claims, catch the issues before it goes out, drastically lower our customer un satisfaction rate to almost none **

What to expect with Cali Exotic Weed:

-Products ALWAYS exact same as the pictures!
-Will go out same or next day EVERY TIME! We work around the clock to NEVER be backed up or waste time.
-Best quality at the BEST prices!
-Response times as low as 1 hour! Don’t hesitate to ask that question b4 ordering!
-Professional stealth and packaging to ensure your product stays safe and fresh!
-MENU/FLAVOR updates WEEKLY! To ensure you or your customers never get sick of a strain 🙂

Please leave feedback as that will help us grow and continue to excel for all our customers!


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